Fiesta Bounce House

Fiesta Bounce House


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Base Price up to 8 hours of fun!  $245.00
Over 8 hours of fun!  $281.75
*Overnight  $306.25 
*Best Deal! 2 Days $367.50
*Holiday prices may vary
*Multi-day Rentals are 50% extra per day
*Overnight Pickups start at 9am

Setup Area: 20x20

Actual Size: 13x13x15

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 4 and up


Introducing the Fiesta Bounce House - the ultimate inflatable party attraction that will take your celebrations to the next level! Whether you're hosting a birthday party, family gathering, or any special event, this vibrant and exciting bounce house will provide hours of endless fun for kids.

Crafted with premium materials and designed with safety in mind, the Fiesta Bounce House offers a spacious jumping area that can accommodate multiple children at once. Its sturdy construction ensures a secure and stable environment, allowing kids to bounce, jump, and play with confidence.

Featuring a colorful and festive theme, the Fiesta Bounce House will instantly create a lively and energetic atmosphere at your event. The vibrant hues and eye-catching graphics will captivate children's imaginations, transporting them to a world of joy and excitement.

Setting up the Fiesta Bounce House is a breeze. With its compact size and lightweight design, it can be easily inflated and deflated in minutes. Its portability allows you to take the fun wherever you go - from your backyard to the park or even indoors.

Not only does the Fiesta Bounce House provide endless entertainment, but it also promotes physical activity and social interaction. As children jump and play together, they develop their motor skills, coordination, and teamwork abilities.

Safety is our top priority. The Fiesta Bounce House is equipped with reinforced netted walls, ensuring that children remain securely inside the bounce area. Additionally, its soft and cushioned surface minimizes the risk of injuries, giving parents peace of mind.

The Fiesta Bounce House is suitable for children aged 3 and above, making it perfect for various occasions. From birthdays to school events, community gatherings to backyard parties, this inflatable attraction will be the highlight of any celebration.

So why wait? Bring the Fiesta Bounce House to your next event and create unforgettable memories for everyone. Get ready for non-stop laughter, excitement, and pure joy with this must-have party accessory.

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